Vidéo anti-Putin by Limonov supporters.

             Blog : THE POWER VERTICAL    - August, 5   2011


The latest bit of Russian electoral erotica just hit the web courtesy of Eduard Limonov and the Other Russia opposition group.

The video features three young women decked out in tight black minidresses, high heels, and sunglasses stepping out of a late-model Mercedes and entering an apparently abandoned house. As they climb the staircase, they each pull out pistols.

"The level of corruption and theft has exceeded all conceivable limits. If this continues, Russia will soon disappear from the world arena," the female narrator says.   "We believe that Vladimir Putin has discredited himself as a politician and national leader. He must go."

The girls then enter a room and take aim at a row of wooden figurine bears with the inscription: "The party of crooks and thieves."

The narrator then asks: "What are you prepared to do so we have a normal president?"

The women then tear open their dresses to reveal tank tops embroidered with hand grenades -- the symbol of Limonov's banned National Bolshevik Party.