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KIEV, KAPUT - The last Eduard Limonov's book - February 2015

Interview of famous Russian writer and politician Eduard Limonov


PRAVDA  -  February 24, 2015


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Live video channel Pravda.Ru once again visited the famous Russian writer and politician Eduard Limonov. The main topic of the interview were the events in Ukraine. Eduard Limonov, explains why the collapse of Ukraine is inevitable, where the legs grow in Ukrainian nationalism and what are the plans for the Polish western Ukrainian lands.


– Edward Veniaminovich, you present this book : “Kiev, kaput!” – A prophecy or statement of fact?


– This is really, I just wrote a daily basis, like a diary. And then I came to the conclusion that it should be all together under one cover, such as a piece of history. Here and there I was able to stay ahead of the story of his vision, to look at the months ahead. From the very beginning, back in November 2013th, saying that Ukraine will fall apart. It has never been a single state. Actually, Ukraine belong somewhere 9-10 areas in the center, and everything else she has acquired during the Soviet era due to the bounty of Soviet rule.


And Ukraine itself – is Kiev, Sumy, Poltava and others coming to the capital region. Lviv and other western areas ceded to the Soviet Union and became part of Ukraine only in 1939 thanks to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, by the way! Lviv – the capital of the alleged Ukrainian nationalism – in fact, was settled in those years by more than 56 percent of Poles. And all the other areas, too.

You could say that was created by Ukrainian empire with colonies. Including the Russian territory – the same Donbass, most vividly – Crimea, Odessa region and many other regions.

Part of Poland, currently grabbed, annexed part of Czechoslovakia, Romania and Hungary. Departing from the USSR took all this Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, all the good that they did not belong. As a wife, who had married a rich man, and then went and took away all the wealth to hell. At least would have a conscience, morally wrong. It’s just been in the administrative boundaries. These limits no one has ever seen before the collapse, the Soviet Union to suicide.

There have been no post, nothing. This was simply for convenience of administration. And gave Crimea. Let him not seek this malice Khrushchev. He gave up because the borders meant nothing. No one thought in 1954 that the Crimea will be a truly Ukrainian and the USSR would not.


– But still people indignant at the time.


– Yes, indignant, but no matter how serious. Because the Ukrainian government was seen there are very few actually did. So I spent my childhood and youth in Kharkov. Before that, I lived with my father in the military now Lugansk, then called Vorochilovgrad, but not for long. Father was transferred from one military camp in another.

In Kharkov, nobody considered the capital of Kiev. Everyone thought: it is the country’s capital, Moscow, of course. Youth to go to Kiev in the head would not come. All went to Moscow and Leningrad.


– You have a father – a Ukrainian, and his mother – Russian?


No, I did not have a father Ukrainian. Misconception that end in “o” names speak of Ukrainian origin. We have lived with such names several million people in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, Rostov, Voronezh and many other areas. My father – from the Don Cossacks – born in Bobrov Voronezh region. It was a defense line, there was just the Russian border and the Wild Field.

All of them were and are such names. My father, not a word had never known in Ukrainian, he came to Ukraine only on duty after serving in Dzerzhinsk Gorky region, where I was born. Ordinary fate of an officer. Ukrainian I know quite well, because we were taught in school.


– They say that now the Ukrainian language is changed. There were more Polish words.


– In the natural development of language change very slowly. Probably, Ukrainians have their own language, and history is the only state not. Never was. She was not even created the famous Pereyaslav Rada in 1654 and the famous Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, who then passed several times to Poland, ran hither and thither. He chaired some amount of Cossacks – about 10.8 thousand. That’s the whole story. Immediately after Ukraine gained independence illegally, the authorities focused on establishing a national iconostasis.

This current wave of nationalism came from the western regions. Zapadentsy were at one time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then – part of Poland. Here there and formed Ukrainian nationalism. This agricultural areas, mountains. There is no work, unemployment is complete. There until the early ’60s were still caches and the remains of Ukrainian Insurgent Army were shot by Russian NKVD.

Therefore, they have a tradition still fresh and alive. Mazepa – it was God knows when. And then there were the fathers and grandfathers of those who went to the Maidan. Therefore, there’s an outbreak of nationalism, direct transmission of these ideas of hatred. This nedovoevannaya war, which was then the Soviet army still suppressed.

In Novorossia completely different people. Donbass – a vivid example. Kharkiv was the capital of Ukraine at the time. This is a huge intellectual city. Until now, there is most educational institutions enormous number of research institutes and so on. But the intelligentsia of the hand to weapon – a huge space. In Kharkov, missed the point, not yet. But there and in other places, too, it will all be.


– In your book you used information from their children who remained in Kharkov, in particular. What other sources of information you focused?


– Yes, I have my sources. I compare, analyze different information. Anyway, I could turn to their children in the Donbass, and somewhere in Paris, anywhere. It’s simple. I actually – a wide range.

Of course, the main driving force in the whole Ukrainian conflict – it zapadensky nationalism, which, unfortunately, allied liberals capital. That is why the Maidan was possible.

After Independence began with quite liberal demands for freedom, and its these rural lads came pereupryamili made their slogans and put things in their order. Today they dominate politics. Remains to be seen whether the hold out Poroshenko, an oligarch. It seems to me that his months are numbered. It does not satisfy anybody – neither the party of war, because he is not winning the war, nor the party of peace, because there is no peace.


– Events in Ukraine is very much divided and our people. Pro-western part was in the minority. How do you feel about Boris Nemtsov? They say you were friends?


– Boris has never been my friend. I was very annoyed when he appeared among liberals in their time. No, Boris, no. I would support an alliance with Kasparov and Kasyanov, who now no noticeable play no role in the liberal movement. And Boris I always kept an unpleasant person. Boris personal motives, of course, it’s understandable. Because he was a favorite of Yeltsin to Vladimir Putin.

And of course, now it is very disappointing to look at Putin, who quite successfully managing such a vast country, and Boris goes to some flea manifestation.


– Between the intelligentsia you feel disorder?


– Of course, this is very far from its roots. Many of the people who now oppose the government acted against the Soviet regime, many of them have personal accounts with the regime. Someone’s father died in the Gulag, someone someone else killed.

In ancient times destroyed the children of enemies. That’s too bad, of course, but this was a definite barbaric correctness and integrity. Because children and grandchildren have grown, they have not forgotten who they died in the Gulag and so on.


– What do you think about a woman who called the Ukrainian embassy?


– It is, of course, absolutely disgusting. She repeatedly called back. She collected data. Even on the basis of what I’ve seen in the public domain, it is clear she wanted thus deserve political asylum or something else. In general, a very strange family. My husband was married and stayed at two sisters. From the older three children. Not all children of Svetlana.

And surprisingly, as the ultra our do not understand that this is a very profitable and non-winning for them. This failure – to support a woman who quite obviously watched this part. She has a diary entry. For some reason, say it once rang. Nothing like that. She has a record out there and on July 7, for example. And for the first time in April. And this is part of the GRU special forces.


– You are not allowed to Ukraine for a long time. “Democratic” government has denied you even go to the funeral of his father.


– I went in December in Donbass. A Ukrainian government will put me exactly, if not shoot, of course.


– And this “democracy” our liberals like. [ 1999012]


– Yes. So many atrocities committed – all pales before these thousands of corpses.


– Now, along with the military actions is a powerful information war. Could your resources to actively use?


– I have the impression that our government has not gone so far as to realize that it all needs. Need support, you should use all its features. But she still pretends that she does not need anyone, and behaves exactly the same. And we never imposed, we came to power, we – not Kurginyan. While we have always worked on the country, our homeland.

We did not hesitate, did not run from this to that, and we have always had as a slogan was: “Russia – everything else – nothing.” And left.

Our fight now in the Donbass. We have a lot of people, not just party members, transported through our network. And in the International Brigade – our children. I went to the front in Sokolniki, where our guys were sitting in the trenches. The most dangerous area was. And now, in my opinion, remains the same. He seemed to be pushed forward. Seversky Donets river there, and through it many times attempted to cross the Ukrainian troops, pontoon bridges have imposed.


– Your forecast – not a political scientist and poet – the future of Ukraine?


– Until the prophet must also reach. Although I had insight.


– Kaput something you saw. Or until it is – just wishful thinking?


– It is not a vision, but simply knowledge. Because I already knew that Ukraine – not one them – a few. It is cobbled together from pieces of thing. Still I was Serbian experience. I saw the destroyed Yugoslavia. I always knew that on paper are not independent states.

The government must prove itself really survive in the tests. Here came the hour of trial. Ukraine does not withstood the test, she did not stand and will not stand. I think there will be a small country, which they deserve.

Sooner or later, Poland to submit their territorial claims. This is while they are swinging. They, of course, pleased that happens. They represent that the Ukrainians for Poland Russian revenge. Of course, on our side there is the Polish volunteers. Poland is also split.

All always can be found everywhere. Were the French, who fought for the Serbs, were the French, who fought for Croatia. That’s all – known history. A poetic insight, foresight of the future – has to be earned. Apparently, it is too early.

Interviewed by Igor Booker