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2019. In the studio of the sculptor Mikhail Baskakov 


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           "A modern Lord Byron"


Eduard Limonov is much more than a politician or even a   great writer.

It is above all a romantic.

A Lord Byron of modern times.


                                                 Yan Shenkman *

* Writer and liberal-minded Russian journalist, politically opposed to Limonov


The influence of Edward Limonov on young Russian writers:

Many young Russian writers recognize Limonov as their master.
Writers considered to be the most talented of their generation.


See the book of Monique Slodzian Professor at INALCO (Langues'O)

Les enragés de la jeune littérature russe 

         (Enraged young Russian literature)

Editions of the Difference - 2014:




Monique Slodzian writes about Edward Limonov's influence with these young writers (Prilepin, Shargunov, Elizarov, Sentshin, Sadulayev, Rubanov, Samsonov ...) :


" Their d'Artagnan, who traces his path alone, is Eduard Limonov . 

Ironically, it is this same Limonov , whom Solzhenitsyn once treated as "pornographic insect", which today enjoys a moral prestige comparable to his own ... /// ... 


And yet, there is a Limonov "made in France" that coincides neither with the writer and the poet nor with the political leader who will have deeply marked a generation of Russian writers ... /// but who was ostracized in France for his radical anticonformism.

... /// ... 


Let's forget a bit about the romantic and Mephistophelic character painted by Emmanuel Carrère to consider the world-wide writer to whom we have so many reasons to be interested: 


- as a Francophile claiming Celine and Genet, but also Sade; 


- as a branch of the American underground culture of the 70s-80s; 


- as a political poet, a link with the Russian avant-garde of the 1920s, his creative energy raising him to the height of "A Slap in the Face of Public Taste" of Mayakovsky; 


- as leader of a new generation of Russian writers who, in the chaos of the present, see him as a model, both for his work and for his life; 


- as a lucid and implacable critic of the democratic imposture, represented today by the ultraliberal camp in Russia. "

                                                      Monique Slodzian

Les enragés de la jeune littérature russe "


The whole chapter dedicated to Limonov to read here:


Limonov and Natalia Medvedeva. Paris 80s.
Trial Limonov.Saratov. 2002
Anti-capitalist march. Moscow September 2012
BIOGRAPHY by Eduard Limonov.Editions Jeune Garde - "CLASSICS CONTEMPORARY" COLLECTION - Moscow 2017



Thousands of articles, and dozens of studies (theses, critical studies, biographies) have been dedicated to Eduard Limonov in Russia.


Latest book:


a biography   very detailed (367 pages) of Andrey Balkansky dating from 2017, from the collection "Contemporary Classics".

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Eduard Limonov left Russia in May 2018, for the first time in 23 years.  


He toured several Italian cities and was the guest star of the Turin Book Fair .


The opportunity to present an autobiographical novel, published in Italian under the title ZONA INDUSTRIALE .

The translation of his book В Сырах " published in Russia in 2012.



Criticism of "ZONA INDUSTRIALE" and interview of Limonov published in the communist daily IL MANIFESTO, July 22, 2018: (in Italian)




Other criticism of "Zona Industriale":




The Italian press dedicated long articles to Limonov, even before his arrival in Italy.

The daily LA REPUBBLICA (May 4, 2018) publishes an interview with Eduard Limonov .


Long article very interesting also on Eduard Limonov in the other big Italian daily, IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA (in its supplement of Sunday, the Lettura of May 6, 2018).



     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----


The Italian news agency ANSA interviewed Eduard Limonov, who states (in a dispatch of 7 May 2018) about Emmanuel Carrère's book, LIMONOV:


"It's his work. It does not like me or not.

Carrère saw me like that, I do not see myself as he describes me, but it does not matter because he told me rendered service.

He introduced me to the general public, who knows me badly outside of Russia.

His novel has been translated into 35 languages, with exceptional and unexpected success for him as well as for me ".


                TRIBUTE TO PASOLINI


First act of Limonov on his arrival in Italy: to go to the memorial to Pier Paolo Pasolini in Ostia.


A lot of other information about this triumphal tour of Limonov in Italy:





(where we discover that Elena Schapova, the ex-wife of Limonov, who has not seen him for 35 years, has crept into the crowd who came to listen to him in Rome)


          ----- ----- ----- ----- -----


 The film LIMONOV will be shot in 2018


The information is given by the magazine VARIETY on December 29, 2017:

the film "Limonov" will be shot in 2018 by director Pawel Pawlikowski (winner of the Oscar for best foreign film in 2015, for IDA).

The film's budget is estimated at $ 19 million.

The cast started in December 2017 in Moscow and Saint Petersburg to find the Russian actor who will play the role of Limonov.

Emmanuel Carrère and Eduard Limonov would act as consultants on the project.





  The obligation for Eduard Limonov to always go out with his volunteer bodyguards (his closest entourage, members of his party) to avoid any "accident".

He had been assaulted and injured several times in Moscow after founding the Bolshevik National Party in 1993.

About ten party members were killed, and the investigations were never successful.


Limonov would probably be dead murdered without the protection of his bodyguards.

He was the victim of several attempted bombings after his release from prison in 2003, including a bomb under his car in 2009, which exploded just before the driver's arrival.

He may also have been a victim of poisoning in 2016 (hard to prove).  

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----




Limonov spent two and a half years in prison, from 2001 to 2003, for "arms trafficking" and "coup attempt in Kazakhstan"

He wrote 8 books during this period!


One of them, " THE BOOK OF WATER" , a brilliant autobiography, was awarded the Andrei Bely Prize in 2002 in Russia.

"THE BOOK OF WATER" was published in 2014 in its French translation by Editions Bartillat.





MY PRISONS - Published by ACTES SUD Editions in 2009.



Another book by Limonov written in prison has been translated into French:

"MY PRISONS" published by Actes Sud in 2009.



The 6 other books written by Eduard Limonov during his prison stay have not yet been published in France!


Some are exciting and have had influence in Russia.





                       IMPORTANT :


See all books published by Limonov in Russia from 2000 to 2018 (with a lot of information difficult to find outside of Russia):




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      Where we recognize in a few sentences the claw of a great writer.


"I am aware of this: writing poetry is a quasi-medieval activity, a sort of eccentricity in the 21st century, but I remain faithful to it as a vice."                    

                                                Eduard Limonov - 2015  

Preface to the collection of poems CENDRILLON ENCEINTE




"The United States is like a serial killer prowling around the planet, looking for his next victim." 

Eduard Limonov - 2013


            -----    -----    -----    -----    -----  


                 "AND HIS DEMONS"




" AND HIS DEMONS" - Editions Bartillat - Released: August 23, 2018


On March 15, 2016, Limonov underwent brain surgery: the extraction of a huge hematoma that mysteriously appeared between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Limonov evokes the hypothesis of poisoning, but acknowledges that he has no proof.


I was practically in the other world, " he said on March 18, 2016.


Limonov tells this period of his life in his latest novel "And his demons" ( whose French translation will be released on 23 August 2018 by Editions Bartillat).

Limonov also takes the opportunity to discuss his current fiancée, the beautiful and sulphurous Fifi, much younger than him.


He also talks about the action of his party in the Donbass at war.


In this total novel, Limonov returns to the incredible epic lived from 1999 to 2001, in the Altai mountains on the border of Kazakhstan: arrested with his militants by a battalion of the FSB, he was sentenced to 4 years in prison for "arms trafficking" and "coup attempt in Kazakhstan".


See this very complete page dedicated to the novel "AND HIS DEMONS" (with extracts, photos and videos):





A month and a half after his brain surgery, Limonov was already on the front line in the field on May 1, 2016.

It was noted in his traditional speech of May 1, after the parade of the left opposition in Moscow. 

VIDEO MAY 1, 2016

      -----     -----     -----     -----     -----



                         AUGUST 28, 2018


Limonov agreed to answer the liberal provocative-interviewer, Yury Dud .

Style questions:

Are you a Nazi and a fascist?

- Have you sucked a black tramp in New York?

3,400,000 views and 35,000 comments !!! (Very critical comments with the interviewer, who is nevertheless on his channel).

Many reactions in the Russian press, after this interview ( a revealing article ). 


A reaction found among 35,000 Youtube comments (summarizing with humor the general mood) :  


Yury Dud interviews Leo Tolstoy.


- Have you ever slept with one of your maids? With a farmer?

- How much did you get WAR AND PEACE? In dollars, what does it do?

- How many times a day do you masturbate?

- I see you're sniffing, Leo ... When did you snort coke for the last time?

- You seem to ignore that the beard is out of fashion for a year and a half, my dear Leo ...

- And now an advertising break.

   -----     -----     -----     -----      -----




Limonov: The Old

The book of Limonov LE VIEUX (The old man) published in Russia at the end of 2014, was released in France in September 2015 at Editions Bartillat.




               AWESOME VIDEO:


Limonov dedicating his book Le Vieux (The old man) and speaking in front of 500 people (!!!) in a St. Petersburg bookstore.

MANY PEOPLE TO SEE LIMONOV IN A LIBRARY OF SAINT PETERSBURG ---- See also the innumerable comments under the YouTube video.

               HIS CURRENT FIANCEE

  EDUARD LIMONOV poses with his current fiancée, FIFI (to whom he has dedicated a book of poems) and 2 of his volunteer bodyguards.

Cover photo of Rolling Stone n ° 100 -Russia.


See the video of the pose session on the page "VIDEO Fiancée Limonov".


     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

It is often in the foreign press that we find the best interviews of Eduard Limonov.  


His analyzes are never in the language of wood, and cut with the usual purring.

Whether you agree with him or not, it's always exciting to read!


An example, this interview of Limonov, published by the Italian daily LA REPUBBLICA , Monday, September 19, 2016.

It was after the parliamentary elections won by the party of Vladimir Putin (with a very strong abstention):






La Repubblica: The Duma elections yesterday may have been a test for the 2018 presidential election?



LIMONOV: No. Putin has never needed a test, let alone at this time.The reconquest of Crimea was done in consensus, and Putin has never been stronger. He had nothing to fear.



La Repubblica: It was thought that these elections, in a climate of economic crisis, and following the sanctions, could have weakened Putin. Actually no.



LIMONOV: Thinking that Russians think like Westerners is a mistake you always make.

For us, national pride is more important than prosperity and material well-being. It is our history that taught us that.

Sanctions are already a silly thing in itself, and it is even more silly to punish Russia.

I do not understand that the Europeans have not yet grasped that imposing sanctions on the Russian people will not diminish their desire for greatness.

The Russians, on the contrary, blame Putin for not being firm enough in Syria or the Donbass, to have forgiven too quickly to Turkey.

Its popularity is already diminishing: in foreign policy, it is a weak one.

This is what the Russian people think, and in the West you have understood exactly the opposite "



               The whole interview, here:






Since the beginning of the 2000s, Eduard Limonov has often been censored on Russian public television and big private TVs that are subservient to the Kremlin (the famous "black list").


Hence the surprise of viewers to see him appear majestically on February 11, 2017 on the big TV Center channel.


Limonov was the guest of the program "The right to know".

He was interviewed by several personalities (three journalists, a writer and a philosopher). 


       -----    -----    -----    -----    -----


                  FACING THE PRESS  



On 4 March 2017 , Eduard Limonov was questioned by six journalists in the program "Press Conference" on the news channel Rossiya 24.


Video of the first part of the show:

Eduard Limonov has obviously been released (for the moment) from the "blacklist".

Being on this "black list", away from big-time shows, did not bother him, as he said ironically, in an interview with Zakhar Prilepin  , in September 2016:

For aesthetic reasons, it suits me not to be splashed by the baseness and vulgarity of the room."


Limonov changed his mind in February 2017. He announces that he will now seize every opportunity to speak on television.


       -----     -----     -----     -----     -----  





An hour-long interview with Eduard Limonov (talking to Vladimir Pozner on the TV show "POZNER") should have been broadcast in June 2018 on the first Russian TV channel.

The show was not broadcast. 

Faced with the emotion raised, the press service of state television says June 21, 2018 that the show has not been censored, but that analyzes on the World Cup Football have priority.


On July 20, 2018, Vladimir Pozner declares that the interview of Limonov was censored , by decision of the direction of the state television.

Vladimir Pozner threatens to give up his show "POZNER" and declares that it is shameful to behave well with Edward Limonov, a man he respects.

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----


           OPERATION "STRATEGY-31"



The civil protests "STRATEGY-31" were imagined and launched on July 31, 2009 by Eduard Limonov.

Protests (prohibited) were organized every 31.

It was to demand freedom of assembly, provided for in Article 31 of the Russian Constitution.

The movement met with a broad echo, bringing together until 2014 all the components of the "non-systemic" opposition (from liberals to the nationalist extreme left).

The Liberals then left the movement, but the protests continue symbolically.

Limonov was arrested many times, and imprisoned several times (2 weeks in particular, early 2011, as he tells in his book "THE OLD" )


                        VIDEO 2014

         -----     -----     -----     -----     -----





  ZAKHAR PRILEPIN is the most influential young writer in Russia.


This is what he says in an interview with French daily newspaper "Libération":


"The French do not understand Eduard Limonov, there is a misunderstanding.

Two years before her assassination, journalist Anna Politkovskaya said of Limonov that he was one of the most straightforward and democratic men in the country.

He is not a nationalist. He is a prophet of freedom.

He never shed a drop of blood. His actions are non-violent.

300 members of the National Bolshevik Party went to prison without doing anything wrong. " 






ZAKHAR PRILEPIN  thus describes Eduard Limonov in LE MAGAZINE LITTÉRAIRE:








"I remember a round table in Moscow, to which almost all the authors of my generation who were notorious had been invited, asked the participants which of the contemporary writers who had immediately preceded us had we most influence.


We had all answered with one voice : Limonov .


Eduard Limonov is an infinitely more striking figure for today's Russian literature (and more widely for society as a whole) than Solzhenitsyn, for example, or Axionov.

Figure much more important than other contemporaries who have some time eclipsed Limonov : I want to talk about Brodsky (1987 Nobel Prize for Literature) or Dovlatov.


If we use the expressive vocabulary of Limonov , we can say that today, "he has had them all". It's in his way: he yearned for that, and he achieved his goal.


In Limonov, a lot of things have come together - things that we have missed so much lately.

It is extremely modern. His thinking is fast and unforgiving. Limonovis brave. It is in the tradition of the great Russian literary school. He does not just write beautiful texts, he also builds his destiny.


That is to say, we see in him a man as big as the writer.


Many have the impression that Limonov has instilled in us narcissism, that he has boundless admiration for him. Crap!

From the beginning, he taught us not to spare ourselves. To collide with the world. To waste our strength. And then, only, to admire us.


We have not yet measured the full extent of his personality: men are too often hollow, timid and envious. To quietly recognize the existence of a great man beside himself is also a gift. Few possess it.But we will have to recognize it.


I may not agree with Limonov , I may not agree with him several times a day. All this does not matter, they are aesthetic differences.


Not once has Limonov been dogmatic, convinced once and for all of the truth - his - absolute.

It is he, on the contrary, who has honestly won the right to say to himself not only patriotic but also democratic, in this country where the ideals of democracy are often professed by people who have a totalitarian way of thinking.


Limonov can afford a certain amount of emphasis: he can afford so much that one would not forgive anyone else!

Because Limonov is a man belonging to the great story.


Yes, things are so made that he had to live at a time in the history of Russia full of turmoil and mediocrity.


But I do not hesitate to say that its mere presence, in our time, gives the last decades another resonance, another weight. "

Zakhar Prilepin 



Page with a lot of information about Zakhar Prilepin (updated in 2019):



(With the release in France, in October 2017, of Zakhar Prilepin's book, L'ARCHIPEL DES SOLOVKI , considered by some as the best Russian novel of the beginning of the 21st century.

And also the book-reportage of Prilepin, CEUX DU DONBASS , published in February 2018)


     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----



"When a true genius appears in this world, it can be recognized by this sign that fools are all leagued against him."

                                                                          Jonathan Swift




A proof of lazy conformism and the lack of vision of a certain French "intellectual elite", so ridiculed by Eduard Limonov:

the reaction of the writer Didier Decoin , of the Academy Goncourt, after the book "LIMONOV" of Emmanuel Carrère, big favorite, was discarded by surprise of the last selection Goncourt in 2011:



" We have not ousted Emmanuel Carrère, we have ousted the character whose Carrère speaks in his book.

Carrère, who is considered an immense writer, was a victim of Limonov.

We said to ourselves: what the hell is Carrère going to do in this galley?

What's the point of talking to us about this filthy Limonov beast ? 

                                                                          Didier Decoin 



Just as representative of a lack of information and a franco-centered analysis, this article of a critic of the newspaper "Le Monde", Florent Georgesco.



To clarify the ideas, the portrait of Limonov drawn up by the young writer Sergei Chargunov, Communist deputy in the Duma since 2016  

Well written and informative: (translated into French)






"The Nobel Prize for Literature is almost always awarded to herbivorous writers"

                                                                     Eduard Limonov


    -----     -----     -----     -----      -----


"A thought above ground and out of frame"





The opinion of Axel Gyldén, a reporter for the Express, who went to Moscow, to conduct a long interview with Limonov, in 2012, to make a book






"Eduard Limonov is not unfriendly, far from it, nor particularly warm, which is the essence of his charm.


How pleasant it is, at the time of the tyranny of comedy andseduction, to meet someone who does not seek to please you!


Indifferent to what people will say, Limonov, on the contrary, balances his answers like Molotov cocktails, sometimes accompanied by a sardonic laugh like Joker, the borderline and nihilistic character of Batman .


Every moment, one wonders: where will fart the next limonka (grenade in Russian)? When and on what slippery ground will the urban guerrilla go to attack?

This way of acting is a destabilizing thing. It is also refreshing. For at least the words of Limonov come from a truly personal thought, above ground and out of frame, which has the merit of questioning our Western mode of thought sitting on so many certainties.

Axel Gyldén


An excerpt from this interview of Limonov, to read here:



    -----     -----     -----     -----     -----



October 2015 - Limonov visits Novgorod

Eduard Limonov is not only a politician and a leading writer.

He is also an indefatigable columnist, whose interventions often provoke sharp controversy in Russia.


Today, his chronicles are regularly published in IZVESTIA (until his ousting in February 2016), and on the site FREE PRESS .

They are easy to understand with GOOGLE TRAD, because the journalistic style of Limonov is rigorously simple.

(Very interesting too, the many reactions raised)


See here his columns in FREE PRESS:



        -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

2015 - Limonov as seen by Pavel Gavrichenkov

"Dignity and decency of a radical charismatic leader"



In Russia, Edward Limonov's political opponents do not underestimate him.


The liberal Igor Kaliapine, physicist and founder of the Russian NGO "Committee against Torture", in an interview given to Galia Ackerman, for the magazine POLITICS INTERNATIONAL:


"If leaders of radical movements have a dignified behavior, they can lead a lot of young people behind them.

Limonov , for example, has preached crazy ideas; but as a leader, as a human being, he has always behaved with dignity and decency.Nobody can accuse him of treachery or conformity.

But for young people, it is precisely these qualities that count. Not just the values ​​and ideas that these leaders preach, but their behavior in the test. It is therefore quite possible that the young people will get together, one fine morning, behind a radical charismatic leader ...

That's what the current government policy is all about! "




We should also note this remark of a Russian journalist:


"Limonov's life could fill five biographies of writers and politicians. 
And only one of these lives, already, would be legendary "


              -----     -----     -----     -----     -----  







A video chosen a bit randomly, among more than a thousand:

the actress Ekaterina Volkova , ex-wife of Limonov (and mother of her two children) recites by heart a poem of Limonov.

It was during an interview with Zakhar Prilepin  , in the show "The tea with Zakhar", in August 2016:


     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----



                    TRIBUTE DISC TO LIMONOV


  A tribute album to Limonov, a double CD, was released in 2012.

Thirty Russian singers and rock bands have put his poems to music.


      ----- ----- ----- ----- -----




Look at the other 130 pages of this site dedicated to Eduard Limonov: (all links, top left)




Very important and little known in France:

Putin reportedly applied for "the reconquest of Crimea", a scenario established by Limonov in the book ANATOMY OF HERO, published in 1997:




- 2,000 national-Bolshevik volunteers fought in Donbass .

Some then went as mercenaries to Syria ( where several of them were killed by an American bombing in February 2018 )

Eduard Limonov, himself, went to the front, in Donbass, in December 2014:




- In detail, with photos: Eduard Limonov's books published in Russia between 2000 and 2018 (with a lot of information difficult to find in France) :




"The children of Limonov" : the best young Russian writers of today claim Eduard Limonov:




- a great photo and video report on Limonov signing his book " LE VIEUX " , in front of a huge crowd in a Saint-Petersburg bookshop:




" LE VIEUX " was released in France, at Editions Bartillat, in September 2015.

Presentation of the book and large extract:





Very powerful text of Limonov on the end of the "masters to think" in Western societies:




photos of Eduard Limonov, from his childhood to today (with a lot of information in the legends):




-   selection of the best videos dedicated to Limonov:





- VIDEO of a conference by Eduard Limonov's French publisher, given in Moscow in the presence of Limonov, who himself answers a few questions in French (December 2015):





- a large documentary film , awarded in numerous Festivals, dedicated to Eduard Limonov and the militants of the national-Bolshevik party:




- A radio interview of the manager of this site , José Sétien, talking about the life and work of Eduard Limonov:




- To read LIMONKA , the newspaper created by Limonov in 1994, which had a great political and cultural influence on a whole youth, in Russia:




- texts and analyzes in English : (34 pages, different from the 60 pages in French)




- texts and analyzes in Spanish , (10 original pages) including a long interview of Limonov in 1991 in the most important Spanish newspaper, EL PAIS .

Limonov presented as the " Soviet Jean Genet " :



- texts and analyzes in Italian (10 pages), with an exciting interview about Limonov's literary and artistic tastes (notably his admiration for Pasolini ):  





"In my opinion, it is possible, by hardly forcing the line, to compare my life to that of Pasolini : a man-scandal, of great talent, permanently accused of all sins, real or imaginary"

                                                                      Eduard Limonov


         * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** *

The "LIMONOV"   of  Emmanuel Carrère

Carrère and Limonov.Phalanstère Bookstore - December 2012 - Moscow.

Emmanuel Carrère's LIMONOV , published in September 2011, sold 600,000 copies in France (400,000 in large format and 200,000 in pocket) with exceptional critical acclaim (Prix Renaudot, Prix des Prix littéraires, Best Book of the Year). year 2011, etc ...)


More importantly, the book had a considerable impact in all the countries where it was translated.  


In Italy , he was crowned best book of the year 2012 (very rare for a translation), and broke sales records.


LIMONOV has also had great influence in Spain , Argentina and Chile (in fact, throughout Latin America).


In Brazil, 4 years after the publication of the book in the original edition, a book club has made LIMONOV its "Book of the Month" , in June 2017. Presented in a beautiful box with in addition to the book (well reissued), a photo album by Eduard Limonov, and a critical booklet. 



In the United States , LIMONOV was released in October 2014.

Without reaching the draws known elsewhere in the world, Emmanuel Carrère was entitled to many very laudatory articles , for the first time on such a level, in the big American press.


Foreign critics present Emmanuel Carrère as the greatest living French writer (after Michel Houellebecq), and speak to describe him as "the author of LIMONOV " .


The book is translated into about thirty languages: reports and debates in newspapers and foreign blogs are innumerable.

It is one of the most commented French books of the last 10 years in the world - with Jonathan Littell's "The Kindly Ones" and Michel Houellebecq's "Submission" .


In September 2015, the Mexican magazine "La Tempestad" included LIMONOV among the 21 best novels of the 21st century (all countries combined):



In Italy, Spain and Latin America in particular, several previous books of Emmanuel Carrère, released in their time in indifference, were reissued following the success of LIMONOV .


In the wake, Carrère has enjoyed extensive media coverage in the publication in Italian and Spanish of his next book, The Kingdom .


While he was little known in Latin America before the translation into Spanish of his LIMONOV , Emmanuel Carrère received on September 4, 2017, the FIL Prize of Guadalajara , Mexico.

This is the most prestigious Literary Prize in Latin America (carefully scrutinized by the Swedish Academy which awards the Nobel Prize for Literature).

It is also the best endowed ($ 150,000).




We see it: everywhere the critics are dithyrambic, and yet the real Eduard Limonov resembles only in part the portrait drawn up by Emmanuel CArrère.


In fact, it goes far beyond ... as a writer, poet, publicist, one-of-a-kind politician, mastermind of a radical generation in Russia, braveguerrilla , legendary adventurer, blogger and frenetic columnist, compulsive lover, etc ... etc ...

2007 - Emmanuel Carrère in one of Eduard Limonov's flats.

Emmanuel Carrère declares that he wanted to make a non-fiction novel, and certainly not a traditional biography.

      Answer that he developed in his innumerable interviews with the foreign press, at the time of the translation of the book.  




                    BIASED ANALYSIS


1) In Russia , impartial observers say that Limonov is obviously not a fascist, but a Nietzschean .


This is how Eduard Limonov defines himself politically, today:


I am a socialist without being a Marxist.

My ideal regime is rather an application of the anarchism of Bakunin and Proudhon, in fact all the pre-Marxist socialist thinkers . "

Interview in Causeur - Oct 2013



In his book "My Political Biography" , Eduard Limonov writes:


I represented probably the red half of the national-Bolshevik party, and Alexander Dugin, the black half ".



2) In Russia, some observers believe that Emmanuel Carrère understates the literary genius of Limonov and his political and intellectual influence.

Activist of the National Bolshevik Party, with a book by Edward Limonov, "The Other Russia".


Eduard Limonov had a great impact, starting in 1994, among the radical intellectual youth.

His books, his newspaper LIMONKA, and the agit-prop led by the National Bolshevik Party have marked several generations of young rebels.

Innumerable young writers, creators and artists of all kinds today claim to be Eduard Limonov in Russia.




In an interview with NEW YORK TIMES on October 29, 2014, Emmanuel Carrère is clear:


"I made no fact-checking, writing LIMONOV.

If I am wrong, I don’t care.

I know, it’s not very American. 



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"WITH FINGERTIPS ..." Emmanuel Carrère seen by the Spanish cartoonist Lowon




The Spanish publisher of Edward Limonov's books is surprised that the critics accept the insinuations of Emmanuel Carrère ("Limonov is a fascist") without any reservations, without even knowing the work of Limonov, nor his authentic biography.


And he adds:

" Carrère's book, except for a few short chapters, is only a vulgar and trivial summary of Limonov's numerous works.

Emmanuel Carrère took advantage of  Éduard Limonov's brilliant,incisive, cutting, provocative and aggressive prose :

He sprayed it, sifted it, defused it, to serve us a porridge without the radiant flavor of the original ingredients, but it is true, perfectly adapted to the asepticized demand, and less and less demanding of the Western readers.

It should be asked why the copy, the imitation, managed to impose on the original. "


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Eduard Limonov - January 29, 2015 - Photo Paolo F Valentino - Corriere della Sera --------- See the article, translated, to the page "Ukraine = Invention" -------- http: / /www.tout-sur-limonov.fr/412678058

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Zakhar Prilepin's opinion on Emmanuel Carrère's LIMONOV .

Prilepin is one of the characters of the book : 


" Emmanuel Carrère wrote a book very alert and, overall, captivating.

The most interesting piece: the voice of Carrère himself, his personal observations beyond Limonov.

For this, the introduction - the first 30 pages, are the strongest.

Further on, we go on to the exposition, sometimes almost word for word, of the books of Limonov himself, at the beginning in detail, then more and more hasty.

What any reader of Eduard Limonov will obviously find a little heavy. "

                                                                      Zakhar Prilepin 


The INTEGRAL of the text of Zakhar Prilepin (by far, the finest analysis of the book of Carrère) :


Announcement of an intervention by Eduard Limonov at the St. Petersburg Palace of Culture on February 20, 2015. - - - - - Photo taken on December 30, 2014 in St. Petersburg.



The Russian speakers will profitably read the long review published in the LITERATOURNAÏA GAZETA, at the time of the release in Russia of the LIMONOV of Carrère (nothing to do with some complacent critics written in a hurry) :


(We understand almost everything with Google Trad)


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"By overcoming the last barrier of post-modernism, projecting its image for eternity, eliminating the boundaries between the author and the lyrical individual hero, between literature and life, by becoming part of politics, history and culture, Edward Limonov has become a man-river romance. "

                                                                              Nikita Pusho

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               A thought of Limonov:


" Europe is lying when it says that it defends the Good, the Democracy, the Rights of the Men.

Europe, in fact, is killing the dissenting countries, the different countries, the different man.

Europe pursues Good with all means of Evil "


                               Eduard Limonov - Interview LE POINT 2011


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not to mention Italy, where Carrère became a star after the release of her " Limonov ")

Iñigo Errejón and Pablo Iglesias

Pablo Iglesias , the leader of PODEMOS in Spain, says he was impressed by Limonov.

An enthusiastic reaction also from Íñigo Errejón , number 2 of PODEMOS .




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                       In Argentina

Soledad Quereilhac

The literary critic and professor of the University of Buenos Aires, Soledad Quereilhac even places the LIMONOV Carrère, among his "10 indispensable" of the world literature of all time, alongside works by Jonathan Swift, Edgar Allan Poe and Jorge Luis Borges!






Soledad Quereilhac, also known in Argentina for being the wife of the one who was, until the end of 2015, the very mediatic  Ministry of Finance, the "young wolf" Axel Kicillof.

Axel Kicillof, who also considers LIMONOV as one of his favorite books:



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                           In Chile


Note this tweet from a chilean film critic, dated 10/02/2015.


    07:24 - 10 Feb 2015 · Details

    A mi lado una Sra lee , de Carrère. Le digo q es el mejor libro q he leído ever. Más si uno quiere entender el rollo Ucrania-Putin. 

                Recurring Criticism


Some Hispanic tweeters use a quote (probably apocryphal) from Limonov about Emmanuel Carrère:


"Carrère wrote a book about me to talk about him"


This is a recurring criticism among many readers, for whom the weakest passages are those where Emmanuel Carrère talks about his own life. Some even skip these pages to find the adventures of Limonov.


Professional critics, who are cautious, are more respectful of the "cultural sacred cow" that is Emmanuel Carrère today.


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           "Books that are bombs"


The teacher. Alejandro Hermosilla (Spanish Americanist) uses striking formulas to define Eduard Limonov:



"We are facing a writer whose books are bombs.

Orgasms in the slums.

Machine guns with which he pulls in every corner, until he becomes an idol "



Alejandro Hermosilla who wrote an absolutely remarkable text on "It's Me, Eddie" , the first book by Edward Limonov (1980).


                 SEE HERE IN SPANISH:




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  1. Press release of POL Publishing
  3. June 14, 2016


11th edition of Limonov by Emmanuel Carrère in Spain (Castilian) at 



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Some of Emmanuel Carrère's 30 translations of Limonov into Russian, Chinese, Swedish, English, Danish, Serbian, Spanish, Japanese (...) 

Some translations of Emmanuel Carrère's LIMONOV.------------------------------.Photo Alexey Evseev, from http://ed-limonov.livejournal.com/

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Bookmark made in Brazil by a book club that made LIMONOV its "Book of the Month" in June 2017.

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Limonov does not just talk politics in public.He sometimes agrees to recite his poems.Here in Kaluga, in May 2015.

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We understand the essentials with Google Translate.


Limonov is considered in Russia, even by his political opponents, as an outstanding analyst. )



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The comfort has never had and will have no value for me, revolt, yes.

To die in bed is the most shameful thing for a man.

We must die fighting, in an uprising, a shooting "

                                                                  EDUARD LIMONOV  


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